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Your Professional Cycling Coach


What does a 1-2-1-lesson consist of

When a beginner comes to a lesson they normally start on a balance bike that is a bike without pedals or a bike that has been adapted for beginners.

Once the child/adult learn to balance I then introduce them to a bike with pedals and help them to cycle with guidance and support from myself to ensure safety.

Sometimes the children/adults learn in their first lesson sometimes it takes longer.

In the advanced sessions for children/adults Bikeability, formally known as ("cycle proficiency") they learn how to approach junctions, roundabouts, traffic lights, zebra crossings, and how to position themselves on the road when cycling , amongst other skills they need to know when cycling on the road safely.

All of this is held in a safe environment off road with traffic signals and signs and other necessary equipment

The lessons are 45 - mins.


Prices for 1-2-1  cycling lessons £35 for one lesson or £90 for three sessions. - EVAS PEDAL POWER (3)_clipped_r

Take a look at what this young man has to say

We run sessions for those who are yet unable to ride a bike. You may be among the many that never learned as a child, or you may have recently discovered a new desire to learn.

1-2-1  cycling lessons for your child to learn how to ride a bike for the first time. A safe environment with a professional teacher will allow them to get off with confidence.

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