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Learn to Ride

Start Your Cycling Journey

Eva's Pedal Power's Medway Cycling School caters for all abilities, and is dedicated to getting you on a bike and riding safely.

When a beginner comes to a lesson they normally start on a balance or a adapted bike 

In most cases we can provide the bike, so you will only need to bring any safety gear (like helmets etc.)

Once the child/adult learns to balance I then introduce them to a bike with pedals and help them to cycle with guidance and support from myself to ensure safety.

Sometimes the children/adults learn in their first lesson sometimes it takes longer.

In the advanced sessions for children /adults, we teach Bikeability skills , formally known as ("cycle proficiency")


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You will be taught: 

  • Road Positioning

  • How to approach junctions 

  • Navigating Roundabouts.

  • Traffic lights

  • Zebra crossings 

  • Safe Cycling

All lessons are held safely on the road with traffic.

We accept the following payment methods:



'Kid's just love Eva's Pedal Power'

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