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Riding a bike takes balance and coordination.

Riding a bike takes balance and coordination, which is why it doesn't always come easily to everyone. But with patience and practice it is a skill that everyone can master. The question is are stabilisers a good idea when first setting out on that learning journey? We often pop stabilisers on to children's bikes with barely a second thought, It is a given that they will need the extra support whilst they learn but are they really a good idea?

As with everything there is no define yes or no answer, simply what will be the best at the time. Stabilisers are great for building confidence, allowing a sense of freedom and encouraging that continues forwards peddling. But when the time is right it can be hard work To wean your children off using them to get them cycling independently.

Stabilisers remove a lot of the need for a child or adult to find their own balance on their bike so removing them is almost like having to learn to ride all over again.

Have you used stabilisers yourself or for your children? How did you find them?

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