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Finding the ideal place to teach someone in Medway to ride a bike isn't easy.

I live in Medway Gillingham Kent actually. I am a cycling Instructor, I teach children from 5 years upwards and Adults up to Any age.

The first place I suggest is at The Strand in Gillingham when its not too busy.

I start on the Tennis courts as it's a smooth surface and quite flat, Once I see the person is able to cycle I start taking them to the Park, this is a great place where people,Dogs and squirrels are in Plenty so an ideal situation.

There are turnings and Inclines to practise on and Grass too if you fancy having a go.

Have you tried to teach your child to cycle and got frustrated and shout or get angry with one another?

I hear this all the time.

It's like husband and wife teaching one another to drive, well we won't go there!

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