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Electric bikes, are They a good thing?

Most people don’t spend a couple of thousand dollars without thinking carefully about their purchase. Electric bikes are expensive, high-technology machines – they are not something anyone should buy on the spur of the moment. Research is required to ensure you spend your hard- earned money wisely and get years of savings, transport and good health from your purchase. This is especially the case today, as more and more cheap electric bikes are flooding the market, making decisions all the more complicated. Do you buy cheap and hope for the best, or sink a lot of money into a really high-end, quality bike? It is definitely not a one-size-fits- all situation. A 100-pound woman commuting 20 miles a day on flat ground in a moderate climate needs a different electric bike than a 350-pound man commuting 40 miles a day on hilly ground in a snowy city.The bottom line is that there is no such thing as “the perfect electric bike.” You could buy the most expensive electric bike in the world, but if it didn’t suit your needs, it would not be the right electric bike for you. The bike that best meets your individual needs is the best electric bicycle for you, and this book will help you figure out which bike that is. I have used electric bikes for many years. I also belong to several cycling organisations, do volunteer work to promote cycling, run an electric bike meet-up group, and write several bike blogs, including my own Average Joe Cyclist blog. Over the years, through personal experience, extensive research, and talking to many different people, I have learned a great deal about electric bikes, and I want to pass that knowledge on to others.A good electric bike is not cheap, but if you buy the right one, it could save you a lot of money, improve your health and generally change your life for the better – so it’s worth investing a little time to read this book and make sure you buy the right electric bike for your needs. No matter who you are or what your needs are, this book includes all the information you need to make a wise decision when you buy your electric bike. Even though electric bikes are high tech machines, you don’t need to worry if you’re not a techie genius. I have made sure that all the information in this book is down- to-earth: you won’t need a degree in electrical engineering to understand all you need to know. What I have done is give you an overview of the relevant technology, and then bottom lined it down to the nugget that the average buyer needs to know when choosing an electric bike.You can choose to assimilate all of the technology, or just use the bottom line to guide you.

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